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standard cassette tape, digital recording in .wma format, whats the recording quality like, is the speech clear, do you need a verbatim transcription and when do you need your transcription returned If you have a specific requirement regarding formatting now is the time to say so, as most services have their own standard formats which will be used unless you state otherwise, although theyre very happy to format in any way you require. People often assume that transcription needs to be verbatim and some definitions of transcription even include the word as part of the definition.

However, a verbatim transcription actually includes every repeated word, every um and erm, all those filler phrases like you know and know what I mean that may be repeated a hundred times in one interview or meeting, and can also   https://scriptscomplete.com/Spanish-Transcription-Services.php  include pauses, coughs, throat clearing etc. if required. Needless to say, this takes longer. If the transcriptionist can filter out all this stuff the transcript will be completed more quickly and therefore cost less. At Penguin Transcription the cheapest level is what we call intelligent verbatim which cuts out all these fillers but leaves the rest exactly as its spoken.

Somewhat more expensive is edited, which corrects the grammar, abbreviations and any mispronounced words as well as knocking out all the fillers. Different transcriptionists work this differently though, so always check when youre phoning for your quote. Here are some brief examples. Verbatim So, anyway, you know, I m planning to http://amazingtranscript.com/Audio-Transcription-Services.php  start the um IT project in round about no definitely on the September this year. Its tricky though know what I mean So itd be good if you could all er sort of confirm kind of thing. Know what I mean Intelligent Verbatim Im planning to start the IT project on the September this year. Its tricky though, so itd be good if you could all confirm. Edited Im planning to start the IT project on September this year.

It is tricky though, so it would be good if you could all confirm that you are able to make that date. You can see that considerably more typing is required to complete the verbatim transcript, and in the context of a business meeting it is far more of a hindrance than a help when reading it back. Its much easier to make sense of the intelligent verbatim version, so its easier to transcribe, cheaper and a more useful end product. A real winwin situation There are occasions when verbatim is required perhaps for legal reasons, or in a training course where youre looking at the language used, but if you really dont need it, dont end up paying for it There are so many transcription services on the market today, some costing not much at all and some costing lots and lots of money.